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Crystal Salt

Who We Are

Full Tummies Network is a Culinary Arts Collective devoted to providing sustainable food products, services and the education of culinary careers and food sustainability to the world one community at a time. Our busy catering schedule, prix-fixe fine dining delivery service and highly attended local pop-up events feature gourmet comfort foods created using locally sourced organic produce and sustainable animal proteins. Our philosophy of REAL | GOOD | FOOD + DRINK is a direct reflection of our passion for culture, flavor, farm to fork freshness and our love of epic dining experiences. We also provide, Elegant Edibles  gourmet custom charcuterie boxes created for sharing seasonal pleasures with quality ingredients.

Partial proceeds of each Elegant Edibles box goes toward Culinary Arts programming for urban youth ...see below.

Pink Cream

Our Network


Epic interactive in-home cooking classes for fun groups during "Monday Night Football", "Ladies Night", "happy hour" or any ol' occasion. Our specialty charcuterie board presentation instruction + whiskey, beer and/or wine pairing will make you the talk of the town. Book your special event today!



Through community partnerships with conscience organizations, we provide 24-month evidence based programming for students (transitional age youth and empty nester - seniors) with the unique opportunity to participate in a training program in which they will be granted a unique understanding of culinary history and opportunities within the Culinary Arts no other school or training program has to offer. The "Intensives" will focus on the use of practical skills within a commercial kitchen as the "advanced training" will provide a hands-on entrepreneurial path to developing and cultivating a prosperous culinary related career.


It is our goal to have each participant walk away with knowledge and practical experience unsurpassed to any conventional culinary program, as follows:



4 weeks = 24 hour curriculum

Summer - July

Winter - December

Spring - April

▪ Vast Knowledge of Culinary Arts Careers

▪ Food History and Food Service Responsibility

▪ Seasonal Products and Local Sustainability

▪ Recipe Research & Writing

▪ Financial Literacy: Budgeting, Profit & Loss, Sales

▪ Business Development, Marketing and Branding

▪ Certification(s)

▪ Fine Dining Experience

▪ Advancement|Placement Opportunities



4 months = daily + events

▪ Working Knowledge of Day to Day Commercial Operations

▪ Food Storage, Packaging, Preservation and Preparation

▪ Customer Service & Hospitality

▪ Scheduling & Budgeting

▪ Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Best Practice

▪ Business Requirement and Standard Practices

▪ Staff Management & Business Development

▪ Special Events & Branding Opportunities

▪ Marketed Surveying & Business Development

see your local community center for upcoming opportunities

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